How long have jim and pam been dating

I HATE when people just drop out of school in movies and TV shows, and especially when it’s for someone else. I just feel as though this isn’t the BEST start to a relationship. Jim consistently flirted with Pam when she was engaged. If you have ever seen "The Office," you would agree that Pam and Jim are one of the best couples of all time.There's something about the relationship of this couple that seems so attainable, that it's hard not to want to have their relationship.The long arc of this, its final season, has been the slow but sure destabilization of its sweetest and surest thing, the loving relationship between Jim and Pam Halpert.“The Office” isn’t the comedy it once was, but it has become the drama it has never been. True, he was dating Karen at the time, but Karen is also who he left stranded in New York after a job interview, so that’s not a valid excuse for not going. They are bullying Dwight, this is true, but it is bullying nonetheless. Their relationship is one that is built on a mutual love for bullying. Jim first told Pam he loved her when she was engaged. Obviously, it’s great if your romantic partner is also your best friend. The wedding episode–cute as it was with its half-veil and and half-tie shenanigans–showed that, really, neither Jim nor Pam have any friends outside of Dunder Mifflin. Um, if my boss was dating my mom and my husband just thought it would be fine to know about it and just I…don’t even know what I would do.

You can see how much effort Jim puts into his present for her, even though they are just friends.This episode underlines just how much Jim cares about Pam because he cares enough to make sure he gets her something she will really like.3.When Jim tells Pam he's in love with her Jim finally gives the people what they want when he admits his feelings for Pam.Jim and Pam truly mastered the art of taking things (sometimes painfully) slow — something we instant gratification, right-and-left-swiping Tinder millennials seem incapable of grasping.We want relationships/hookups/connections fast and we want them now.How they bond over pranks Right away, you start to become team Pam and Jim from the way they are always teaming up on pranking their coworkers, especially Dwight.

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