Graph search and dating

Before reading this post please read Facebook lost 1.4M active users in U. ( I STRONGLY agree ) With graph search, Facebook joins the dating game The site’s new search engine is tailor made for matchmaking (I add not matchmaking, it is only for fun dating) Most probably Dr. Fiore, Data Scientist at Facebook is one of the masterminds behind graph search.

The social network may be reaching a saturation point.

Facebook's new Graph Search, in limited beta release, extends searches for singles on the network to friends of friends.

The new feature, primarily for finding what friends "Like" from music to food and more, is expected to be available more widely over the next few months.

So I went back to the first man to appear in my original search results.

'John' is an attractive thirty-something professional who lives in my current zip code, shares two mutual friends with me, and runs a company.

Online dating CEO's, investors and entrepreneurs have become concerned that graph search would do what dating sites traditionally could not -- meaningfully connect singles through friends and common interests -- and therefore drive traffic away from dating sites.

He's funny, successful and we have two friends in common! But as I got more specific, the search bar got smarter.

It automatically changed 'single straight men in Manhattan' to 'single men interested in women in Manhattan'..with the added degree of separation, the dating pool got a lot larger.

Facebook Graph Search Announcement Status update: We’re intrigued and excited about the new Facebook search engine, Graph Search, which will potentially make it easier to find people to date, then stalk them after you break up. As Facebook hoodie-in-chief Mark Zuckerberg explained at a buzzy unveiling today in Menlo Park, Calif., Graph Search allows Facebook junkies to filter their friends’ profiles (including “likes,” photos, and places they’ve checked in) for information about music, pop culture, restaurants, trips, etc. Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA “I like that Deep Word gives you an answer straight off. I use it every time with all my messages: incoming and outgoing.” Wendy R, Gosnells, Perth, Western Australia, Australia “My English is not so good so I use Deep Word to tell me what the other person is feeling.

(Example: “friends who like Revenge,” or “friends who have gone to Mexico.”) “I thought it was a toy. This helps me very much being Italian and with a different culture.” Domenica A, Nomentana, Roma, Lazio, Italia “I never respond to a message without putting it through Deep Word.

' Like many relationships, the search engine and I got off to an awkward start.

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